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Buy, Sell, or Rent: Last Resort

October 1st, 2012 (09:18 pm)
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'I Heard the Roar of a Wave That Could Drown the Whole World'

So impressive.

I don't think there's one negative thing that can be said about Last Resort, one word of advice on how to improve it, but let's break it down to show just how good this pilot episode was, starting with the show's visuals. While I'm not usually one to care about graphics and special effects... as long as a lack thereof does not detract from a program, given Last Resort's premise, it needed to be visually competent, especially in comparison to film projects in its genre. Well, the show did this and more. I don't even want to consider what it cost to produce, because one could not see a difference visually between Last Resort's pilot and a movie - a good movie. One concern, however, might be whether or not the series can maintain this level of graphics.

Next, talk about an all-star cast. Remember how I theorized that Vegas had the strongest cast for all the new fall shows, well Last Resort might give the CBS mob vehicle a run for its money. Between the return of Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman to television and a great supporting roster highlighted by Dichen Lachman, Autumn Reeser, and Robert Patrick, these five stars lead the way for excellent performances across the board. Nothing was over the top. Better yet, one episode into the season, and the actors and actresses of this show have already mastered the technique of saying the most when their characters are silent. And chemistry? Last Resort's cast has it in spades. I know Speedman's Sam Kendal is married and that it might ruin his hero status if he were to knock combat boots with someone other than his wife, but he's too pretty - and talented - to keep underwraps, not to mention how well he's clicking with his female costars.

Now, let's examine the meat and potatoes of the show: it's plot. The series might not be the brainchild of J.J. Abrams, but Last Resort has a definite Alias feel to it. While one thing is happening on the surface, everybody has secrets which then begs the question how much of what the audience sees is actually misdirection? Right now, it's impossible to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, because everyone has an agenda, and everyone thinks that what they are doing is what needs to be done... even if it isn't necessarily nice, or right, or ethical, or even legal. There's this feeling that, just when viewers think they have a handle on what's going on, Last Resort will completely turn the entire show upon its ear, and that's unbelievably fun television. Oh, and it makes for good TV, too. Did I forget to mention that?

Verdict: Buy, buy, buy! The only fear with this series comes from the cost of the program in comparison to its numbers. Last Resort had a strong premiere, but it will need to maintain it rather than suffer a falloff like most programs do with their second and subsequent episodes.